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WorldTradingLab is a dynamic reality who offers an integrated and complete portfolio of services. Wtl works with Contract Authorities and Beneficiary Caountries of International Cooperation funds. Wtl also works side by side with production companies willing to export and companies interested in developing innovative projects. International instrumentation manufacturers who wish to have both commercial and productive support in Italy can find in Wtl a reliable partner.

Tender Management

Tenders in non-EU countries funded by international organizations are real business opportunities. WorldTradingLab is dedicated to the direct participation in contracts financed by the main international multilateral organizations.


WorldTradingLab can assist the main producers in the scientific field as an Italian partner able to perform the function of terminal producer for their product. He is also able to study, develop and produce scientific instrumentation.


WorldTradingLab aims to assist its client to participate in international tenders for the supply of goods and services, offering complete support from the monitoring of potential projects to the completion of the supply

Research and Development

The WorldTradingLab team of experts is able to guide companies in planning, planning and implementing technological renewal plans for the optimization of operational or highly innovative flows.