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The virtues of chess are as innumerable as the grains of desert sand. (Tarrasch)
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Sport is about both self-effort and collective effort, individual activity and social practice; it relies upon the concepts of respect, understanding, integration and dialogue, and it contributes to the development and fulfilment of individuals regardless of age, gender, origins, beliefs and opinions. That is why sport is a unique forum for action and reflection to transform our societies. Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of Unesco

Wtl is the main sponsor of Club64, the Italian chess club with the highest number of junior members.

We believe that chess contributes to the educational path of our children, helping them to achieve a series of fundamental goals in the development of the mind, personality, and social behavior.

We are chess players and we want to make our part in the growth of a sport that has enriched us so much as human beings.

We are Unicef donors, you too can make your online donation here unicef logo