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International tenders represent a stable market:

  • independent of the Italian economic reality;
  • where payments are secure;
  • where tender notices are frequent;
  • where the tenders are of significant size;
  • in which the goals are noble: fighting poverty and improving the socio-economic fabric of the receiving countries.

Very few Italian companies operate in this market. The reasons behind this situation vary from lack of knowledge of the opportunities offered by international tenders, to ignorance of the possibility of participating in such tenders, to a perception of high costs involved in attending the tenders, often perceived as excessive. 

The major obstacles are:

  • monitoring and gathering information costs;
  • difficulty in understanding the contractual conditions;
  • high technical standards;
  • the requirement of bid and performance bond;
  • difficulty in finding a local partner.

Wtl assists its customers in overcoming all barriers to access for this vast and secure market. 
Our services.

Our services


A first meeting is made to understand the products and services a company is willing to propose to the Cooperation market, then weekly monitoring of the calls for tenders tailored to company specifications is activated. 

Calls for tender proposed to customers are selected taking into account different factors: 

  • product strength;
  • the riskiness of the beneficiary country;
  •  the complexity of the services requested;
  • probable presence of competitors;
  • potential profit margin;
  • collection methods. 

For each call for proposals, Wtl sends the customer an e-mail with the announcement form containing all the information needed to decide whether to participate or not. Wtl experts are constantly available to guide the customer during the selection process.


Wtl supports the company during the preparation of administrative and technical documents for tenders and assists the customer in the preparation of the financial offers, balancing competitiveness and remuneration.

Additionally Wtl can to select and search for local support in beneficiary countries, and select additional services and goods to complete the offers.


Supply chain control, dealing with the contractual authority.

After the award, Wtl supports managing the relations with the contract authority, inspections, installation, training.

Wtl, where required, can independently carry out, on behalf of the customer, logistic, shipments, and price negotiation with suppliers.